Recent Projects and Photos by South Central Pressure Wash

Christmas Light Installation in Bowling Green, KY (1)

Customer Called wanting a very professional looking Christmas Light Installation. They had Received this service in the past but it didn't live up to what they wanted so thankfully they allowed us to help deliver what they envisioned prior. The Kids were the inspiration behind this […]

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Christmas Light Installation in Bowling Green, Ky

Customer was looking for Pro grade Christmas lights as a hassle-free Service, so they didn't have to get on the roof to install as they have in the past. Needless to say, they were super happy with how everything turned out and their house looks amazing […]

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Moore House Washing in Portland, TN

We Were called out to take care of the Moore families house in which it was covered with Mold and Organic growth on the front. This consisted of Soft Washing their vinyl Siding Along with Pressure washing their porch and Sidewalk. Customer was extremely happy with […]

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